What's new?

  Integration with dentCHECK
dent & buckle will intergrate with dentCHECK, allowing users to link to dentCHECK data sets and attach any of the detailed measurement and analysis data to a damage record within dent & buckle. It will streamline the process of getting dentCHECK data into an aircrafts dent & buckle records.
  Internal structures module
dent & buckle will add internal structures components to it's 3D models, this will allow important areas such as cargo floors and cabin floors to be exposed and damage records accurately located.
  Aircraft data import functionality
dent & buckle will add functionality that allows customers to add new aircraft data to a spreadsheet and then import it into dent & buckle. It should streamline the onboarding of new aircraft and will give customers a valuable tool to prepare the new data.
  DaBML machine learning damage recognition
dent & buckle are working on developing some machine learning tools that automatically identify various categories of damage in real time from a live data stream, recorded video or still images.  New damage records can be created in dent & buckle from any identified damage.

Upcoming events

June 14-15, Warsaw, Poland
September 27-28, Singapore
October 18-19, RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands