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  dent & buckle is ISO 27001 certified!
We have achieved ISO 27001 certification, the prestigious standard for information security management systems (ISMS).
This success highlights our ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest level of data security. Our customers and partners can be assured of our ability to protect their information, reinforcing our position as a trusted ally in the digital realm.
  New feature: Multi-point Defect
Multi-Point Defect is a feature designed to enable engineers to identify multiple damage locations within a single defect record. Now, our clients have the ability to pinpoint various points of damage caused by a single event, such as a lightning strike that has multiple entry points. With this feature, they can precisely describe complex structural issues easily and accurately.
  dent & buckle signs milestone 5-year contract with Cathay Pacific!
dent & buckle announces the signing of a milestone contract with Cathay Pacific Airways Limited - one of the largest airlines in the world.

Under the terms of this agreement, dent & buckle will support a fleet of 190+ aircraft operated by Cathay Pacific and its affiliates with its cutting-edge solutions for managing aircraft structural damage records powered by detailed 3D models. Dent & buckle will also deliver seamless integrations with Cathay's eTL, MRO, and other internal IT systems.

The complete Press Release is available HERE
  dent & buckle's integration with Ultramain eTechlog
dent & buckle is currently integrating with Ultramain eTechlog for Cathay Pacific's fleet. This integration will benefit users in two key ways:
  • Efficient maintenance: engineers will have a unified platform for streamlining the process of raising a techlog and at the same time recording / updating structural defects in the dent & buckle chart without re-typing defect details, helping to reduce downtime and improving aircraft availability.
  • Data-driven decisions: Ultramain eTechlog's analytics will empower users to make informed decisions, optimizing operations and enhancing safety.
  dent & buckle's new interface
dent & buckle launches it's new user interface, designed with aircraft engineers in mind. Our updated interface offers enhanced usability, improved intuitiveness, and promises to further optimize the workflow of our valued engineers. With this user-friendly interface, we aim to simplify complex tasks, streamline maintenance processes, and ultimately empower aircraft engineers to work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Simplified navigation: The new interface offers an intuitive and user-friendly design, making it easy for users to access critical information and perform tasks effortlessly.
  • Data insights: The interface provides access to enhanced data analytics, empowering users to make data-driven decisions for improved operational efficiency.
  • Real-time updates: Stay informed with real-time updates and notifications, ensuring that you are always in the know about important developments.
  dent & buckle Announces CEO Transition
dent & buckle is thrilled to announce the appointment of Mr. Michal Schutty as our new Chief Executive Officer. With an impressive background in technology leadership and a distinguished track-record of innovation, Mr. Schutty brings a wealth of expertise to our team.

Having held several senior positions at renowned organizations such as Rusada Group and NHV Group, including his most recent role as Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Schutty has demonstrated a deep understanding of software team management, particularly in the field of aviation.

With his strong background in quality management and a passion for aviation, Mr. Schutty is perfectly positioned to lead dent & buckle into the future. He will focus on expanding our sales efforts and ensuring operational excellence, further driving our growth trajectory.

The dent & buckle team, together with our board of directors, is confident that Mr. Schutty's leadership and technological expertise will propel the company to new heights. We extend our warmest welcome to Mr. Schutty as he joins us in advancing dent & buckle's vision to revolutionize the aviation industry.
  Integration with dentCHECK
dent & buckle will intergrate with dentCHECK, allowing users to link to dentCHECK data sets and attach any of the detailed measurement and analysis data to a damage record within dent & buckle. It will streamline the process of getting dentCHECK data into an aircrafts dent & buckle records.
  Internal structures module
dent & buckle will add internal structures components to it's 3D models, this will allow important areas such as cargo floors and cabin floors to be exposed and damage records accurately located.
  Aircraft data import functionality
dent & buckle will add functionality that allows customers to add new aircraft data to a spreadsheet and then import it into dent & buckle. It should streamline the onboarding of new aircraft and will give customers a valuable tool to prepare the new data.
  DaBML machine learning damage recognition
dent & buckle are working on developing some machine learning tools that automatically identify various categories of damage in real time from a live data stream, recorded video or still images.  New damage records can be created in dent & buckle from any identified damage.

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